Chocolate Moose Images

An update to my “latest and greatest” ….

Tonight I started working out some more aspects of my new business, such as what I will really call it. That meant that I should do some research to see what is out there already. Well, bummer, JMN is a common set of initials. In fact there is a already. Shoot! And a JMN Photography and Design. Crud!
My plan? To keep JMN Photography as my main company name (which includes my fine art photography and general design items) but then to have a branch off that for my Dog Photography which will be “Chocolate Moose Images.” Don’t you luve it? I totally do. And anyone who knows how much I am eager for 2 litter mate kitties may recognize the name combo. I created an informational card this weekend with basic information about me and my biz. I have posted the front of it for your viewing pleasure at this time.

Another thing that is super cool? When researching names, I found these guys! The Original Traveling Photo Booth. It is settled! When I get married, I totally have to have something like this there. How much fun would that be?!

I hope everything is going well with anyone who happens to be reading this! I am losing steam as my night forges on without permission. I’m sure everyone has this where there is just so much to get done, either for need or desire, it would be nice if time stood still, just for a bit. I crave weekends because it is usually a bit of down time where I can think and dedicate some time to my ideas. Work has been super busy this week which is nice during the day because 8.5 hours seems like 3 but I get home and don’t really want to do too much. So on that note, I will probably get going to bed. I hear the jingle of Roux’s collar, meaning she has been roused from her sleep, noticed the light is still on in the dining room, and will soon be by my side, nose in lap, begging me to go to bed.

Life with a pet is grand, indeed!

~ by chocolatemooseimages on October 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Chocolate Moose Images”

  1. Love the name and the info card – looks great!!

  2. your card looks fab! i love the name – that is my dog moose’s full name too. 😉

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