Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

The day after Halloween. My “spooky” morning played out like this, which is honestly, quite typical of my Halloween mornings: Woke up. Not so excited to dress up for Halloween. Saw costume ideas and got sad that my costume wasn’t very creative. Got real inspired and came up with great costume ideas – which will promptly be replaced by other ideas or no ideas shortly, as the sugar buzz wears off.

I did sport a costume to work and it turns out they take Halloween pretty seriously. There was a costume contest, cupcakes and so much candy I made myself a little ill. I was a Tacky Tourist. Yes, I know, I was that last year. But that is what I mean, I lose inspiration quick. Next year will be different!

I am really looking forward to the rest of the weekend! I have committed myself to a photo shoot tomorrow with my dad where I play the role of assistant, but aside from that, I don’t have anything to do! No driving. Not homework. No plans. I love it! More time for me to be creative and make more decisions about my business!

I have so many fun ideas swirling in my head for business related cards! I have my information card, thank you cards, a new business card and the covers for the Proof Books people will be getting with their session all designed. I am also coming up with some Holiday Card ideas for people should they not have them yet, and want a super cute one with their puppy. I am planning on getting these all printed next week and start distributing them shortly. Wish me luck! I hope what I have done so far is what people will like! I love taking the pictures and love so much the interaction with the dogs! I have known, at least a little bit, about each of the dogs I have photographed so far so I look forward to meeting new dogs.

I am also very excited about this: A former co-worker of mine has just launched a business of her own! Liz Ink and Paper She is a wonderful designer and is creating holiday cards. I don’t know if currently I have any followers aside from people who already know Elizabeth, but if so, check her out!

After several weeks of planning and designing and playing, a photographer/CS friend of mine, Ms. Mara, has launched her blog. I think it looks great! Check it out here…. Off Plum by Mara Stitt. She is doing mostly fine art photography right now, I believe, and moving into the world of graphic design as well.

I have been waiting to post more pictures from Iowa because I wanted to have the spelling right of dog number 3 that I took pictures of. But alas, my question has gone unanswered so I am just going for it because I can’t wait any longer. I will submit a correction if I am wrong, which I know I am….

This fantastic dog ….

is named Gergy. He is huge! And very hairy and for the most part, very white. He was so mild tempered too, which was nice. He was also quite cooperative. Not so cooperative that I could get him to sit still, but atleast he didn’t turn and run when I was taking a picture. The time of day of the pictures was fantastic! The sun was setting so his lovely white picked up some lovely pinks and oranges. The only bummer was that I ran out of light pretty quick, but I still got several good shots. I particularly like the one below. It was suggested that I use it for his first solo album, should that come about.

I feel like this post has gone on and on. I think that is all I have for right now and besides, my car is calling me from the driveway. It is saying it needs a bath, and I must answer. I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! Enjoy the weather if you are in MN! It is gorgeous!!

~ by chocolatemooseimages on November 1, 2008.

One Response to “Oh What a Beautiful Morning!”

  1. Love Gergy’s half head shot. Beautiful! Sorry to hear about your trip into the ditch but glad to hear you are OK.

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