Brr it’s winter-ish!

According to the weather, I think I can officially say that Fall is out and Winter is in. We may not have snow yet, but I felt that chill you get all winter, most of yesterday. During our raking project and definitely standing outside last night.

Speaking of last night, I wanted to mention a fab-u-loso show that I went to with my dad and his good friend Pete. We went and saw Sonny Landreth at the Cabooze, which is a real awesome bar in Minneapolis. (Thanks to Karissa at work… thanks a bunch!!) He is an amazing guitar player and has worked with so many other amazing people, resulting in some real amazing music! If you are interested, I would recommend his music. He just came out with a new CD which is quite lovely!

Today was a bit of a gloomy day in MPLS. It is only 5 but it sure feels like 8. I did quite a bit of what I wanted to do today, which is impressive:
* finish book that is already overdue at the lib… shoot
* eat more apple pie
* finish the Sex and the City movie — I would give it a 4 in comparison to the series and general “chick-flick” likability
* work on Christmas presents

More Roux pictures, you say? Why yes! I say! Here is little miss roux, an endless bundle of energy. I was having a hard time getting her to do anything for me but run. You can only take so many charging at you pictures.

woods vintage

We explored the woods a bit in the back. There was this nice reed type grass that we played in and got some fun pictures. She caught a whiff of something, though, and was soon totally uninterested in what I was doing.

jolly ball

I’m not sure if it’s because the Jolly Ball has been taken out of Summer storage, or if this toy is really her winter toy, but she can not get enough of this bad boy. She first fell in love with Jolly Balls at my aunt’s barn, where it is a horse toy, and soon had one of her own. She (and the ball) are the hit of the dog park when it comes with us, and I think it is the only toy she cares enough about to not share. She was tearing up the backyard for quite a while.

porch roux

Finally, I tried to do some more on the porch with her. I like the lines of the boards on the ground and the railing, however, I sometimes just can’t get what I want. I think I’m going to need to bring the chair back outside and try some more with that. I wonder if I could make little chair boots to go over the feet so that I could take it outside in the snow. Hmm… things to ponder.

Pondering I will, but for now, it’s too gosh darn cold out in “Ya Sure You Betcha” Minnesota to not get me some Cocoa! Have a good one!!


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