Mac’s Liquor

My dad has been going to the dog park near our house for quite some time where he has made friends with several regulars. It is a bit silly, but I have come to recognize the dogs a bit more than the people. Note to self: talk to the people more than the dogs 🙂 One of the regulars used to be Dave who is also the owner of a liquor store in Hopkins, MN. I first went in there a few months ago and was quite excited about the large beer selection and of course, the friendliness of Dave and his wife, Sue. Since then, my dad and I have been going to Mac’s Liquor about once a month to stock up on tasty new beers and the tried and true. It is quite a fun experience, to say the least, and Dave always has a new suggestion of things to try. This last time we went in, Dave was nice enough to put up a card holder for my business cards and told me I could bring in a display to hang on the wall and get some free advertising! I am so excited! I am not sure if my market really shops at a liquor store but hey, advertising is advertising and free advertising is the best! Therefore — anyone in the MPLS area who enjoys some laughs and some good tasting beer should stop by Mac’s on Saturday mornings to visit Dave and Sue, a couple of very nice people.

On a more dog related note, i’ve been editing some more Roux pictures today. I have a mini deck series that only includes 3 images, but I think they show a lot of her energy 🙂




As I went over in the last post, boy does she love that ball! She was so wound up, it was almost hard to get good pictures of her. Not that hard because she is such a cute pup, but a bit of a challenge. That is ok! Cliches aside, I love challenges! Regardless, I think I got some more fun ones. I think she will be home with me tomorrow morning, so I might do some more before work.

Until later, cheers! Enjoy your Thursday!


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