Long Few Weeks

With the visit of friends and family, I feel like I have had little time to compose a blog post. Now is the time. Amidst my mass amounts of work, trying to budget for the holidays (totally not going well, by the way) and finding cheap places to advertise for Chocolate Moose Images.

I hope every one’s Thanksgiving was swell! And that it involved at least a bit of festive-ness. Murray came up for the weekend to spend Thanksgiving with my family and I, and then to ‘putts’ around town for the rest of the weekend. We decided on camping Saturday night which turned out to be great! The weekend was starting to wear on me, so I only had a little energy, but it sure was nice to be outside all day and night. Yes, it was cold, but honestly not too bad if dressed right with the right ‘bag.’ Here are a few pics from that adventure:


We went to Lake Maria State Park, which is located near Monticello, MN. We were the only tent campers there, which also made the already quiet park that much more quiet. There was a lake down the hill from our site that was nicely frozen, so I took advantage of the sunset to get a few pictures.


The reeds had such neat “puckers” to them when frozen. I couldn’t resist!

I am excited to have Roux home with me tomorrow. We are headed to the dog park bright and early to get her some exercise and me some pictures. I hope there are some other fun dogs there!

Well, my ability to stay up till the wee hours of the night is not quite as great as it used to be back in those college days. Sheesh, how long ago those were 😉 Have a great night and tomorrow!


~ by chocolatemooseimages on December 3, 2008.

One Response to “Long Few Weeks”

  1. I love this photo of the reed! It is so beautiful. It is abstract and simplistic and yet not at the same time. It makes something (like winter) that seems so horrible at times into something that is truely beautiful!

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