Tis the Season

… for wonderful snow to be gone in an instant.

The plan was for my dad and I to go skiing on Christmas day, but time did not allow. We instead had a wild and crazy time in snow gear hassling our dog in the backyard. We tore up the yard and then cruised out to the pond where there was a lot of fresh, un-trampled snow to stick our faces in (more Roux than us). She loved it! The snow was so fresh and powdery, and the sun was out and so pretty…


… and now, it is a drippy, runny, slushy mess. It warmed up to 40ish degrees so everything has that wet dense snow look. I say, it shouldn’t warm up this much until spring is around the corner, because it is just a tease (she says with a stern look and clenched fist waved towards no one in particular…)

After we all got back inside, the pup pretty much crashed.

Exhibit A: img_4882_softfaded

I’m pretty sure she is asleep while sitting up in this one.

Later on, we had the rest of the family {that isn’t in Hawaii} come over for snacks and dinner. It was delicious! We were so crazy with prepping everything, I totally forgot to take all the neat pictures I was intending to take. It wasn’t until desert looked so amazing that I grabbed the camera, so I at least have that. This fantastically delicious looking thing is a personal sized Trifle. It is excellent to have a dad who loves making deserts!!


After food, presents, talking and more food, the rest of the family went along their merry ways, and left us to watch movies and get some clean up done. Once the dishwasher was loaded, I noticed the pup quietly snoozing on her bed in the kitchen. Photo op! And it was at this time, that i decided to re-attack her with the Santa hat. She put up such a good fight earlier in the day, that I felt I had to try again to get something a little more presentable.


She was definitely the kind of tired where she was picking her battles. The Santa hat wasn’t worth it this time.


And this one I just thought was nice because it is of dog and dad, 2 great companions. To be honest, I’m really the guest in the house. Roux has taken over my place 🙂

With that, I am going to make a coffee with our new coffee maker. By the way, it is pretty much one of the most awesomest Christmas gifts of all times. It is one of the ‘pod’ coffee makers that does 1 cup at a time. Find it here if you are interested. We are having so much fun with it, because it is so easy to try all kinds of different coffee. Hence the reason I have been on a caffeine high for 3 days now. And now I would like 1 more cup….

Until next time, enjoy the day!

~ by chocolatemooseimages on December 27, 2008.

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