ideas, ideas, ideas

I got back late last night from Digital Imaging USA and DWF. It was very insightful! I worked at WHCC’s booths {which by the way, were super sweet! We had a double decker booth at one, that you could see the rest of the conference from} and I learned a lot about working a booth, talking to clients face to face and talking with other vendors. I also got knowledge for my own photography business as well as AWESOME new ideas for products to offer. Holy cow! Super excited about quite a few of those. I will post pictures once I pick and choose what I’m going to offer… It should be suuuper exciting!

I also took some real fun pictures of looooads of cactus (or cacti) on one of my afternoon strolls near the spa at our resort (i tried to type that with an air of Hollywood fame … just call me jLo.) We stayed at a gorgeous resort in Carefree, AZ. But of course, because I got home so late and pretty much hit a wall once I saw my bed, I don’t have those pictures ready to post. I’ll post later tonight, because I think they are sweet 🙂

Have a lovely Wednesday (that feels like Monday, and that is delightful)


~ by chocolatemooseimages on January 14, 2009.

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