Carefree, AZ

As I sit here staring out the slightly frozen window, I actually have mixed feelings about AZ. It was beautiful as well as totally WONDERFUL to be away from the cold, snow and ick for a few days, however I do love MN and all that I’ve got going on here. So with that sentimental introduction, let me show you pictures from our resort in the desert…


I couldn’t help but take pictures of Cacti. They are so lovely in all their prickly-ness and non-native to the North-ness. It was like they would call to me to take their photo to bring back to all them Minn-e-sotans who ooh and aah over Oaks and Maples. Take that water loving plants! {Keep that in mind when I bombard you with photos from New Mexico in early March.}


Close up of prickles.


This is part of our porch. It looked so ‘Southwest’ in the middle part of the day with the sun a shining. Gorgeous. That sun was so refreshing!

I don’t have much new to post. Oh – I became a member of Twitter because people told me to at the convention {talk about that for a peer pressure example}. Not totally sure what it does, so if anyone has advice/knowledge/suggestions/jokes feel free to pass them along my-a-way.

In part because of my numerous attempts at some bad jokes, I am off to bed. The morning is already calling, and I’m not even ready to hit snooze!

~ by chocolatemooseimages on January 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Carefree, AZ”

  1. I tweet, so does Rachel, my MIL, and my bro in law..,. my username is debann18… what is your username?

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