My Drive To Work


You have to admit with this picture, my drive to work looks quite beautiful. Well, don’t be fooled. I drive on the beltways of Minneapolis … 100 to 494 and then the left lane of 494 alllllllll the way across the river valley. ok, yes, the river valley can be quite lovely at certain times. And I guess I’ll admit I sometimes enjoy the rest of my drive because I get in the left lane and zoooooom past entrance-ers and exit-ers to get to my destination. It is true – I am turning into a city driver. I like to think I am not a jerk when I drive because I don’t honk (unless necessary, of course) and I don’t curse (when other people are in the car) and I definitelydo not flick people off (this one I actually never do.) Oh, and another thing  I love? That the excuse for being late, ‘I got stuck in traffic’ is totally legitimate and really works! Never woulda worked in small town Iowa, that’s for sure…. But I digress – This photo was taken through my windshield on my way to work on Wednesday. There was fog the night before and because of that the trees were graced with ice and delightfully shiny. I love it!

AND by the way, it’s Friday. AND it’s the 30thof January. You know what that means? Tomorrow is my birthday! Not that I am fishing for birthday wishes or anything, but my day at work has been one of secrecy. The only person that knows/remembers had today off, so no one knew it was my bday. I had a few opportunities to pipe up and mention it but unless I know ya, I don’t force my birthday celebration on ya. That, and after I turned 21 my birthday just doesn’t seem to have quite the excitement it used to. That almost sounds tragic, like I’ve lost my excitement for life. Not the case, instead I love life! And I am real excited for my birthday! ‘mur’ is making another trip up to this iceberg of a state to celebrate my birthday and SuperBowl Sunday with me 🙂 I am starting my day with Mimosas and breakfast, some relaxing before going skiing/cabining and then having wine and cheese before ending my evening with a rousing game of Phase10 or Hand and Foot.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Yahoo to football and food 🙂 I’m super excited to cook a bunch on Sunday – well, I am excited now. We’ll see after skiing.


~ by chocolatemooseimages on January 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “My Drive To Work”

  1. have a fabulous bday!!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Jess. I was going to e-mail you your birthday wish earlier but too many things happened. I love the picture you took on the way to work. Have a great weekend Birthday Girl!!!!

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