a day recapped

phew. back to a normal form of posting. and yahoo, 2 posts in 1 day!

I have been messing around all day on flickr and photoshop and learning quite a bit. Flickr isn’t the scary beast it once was, but we are still not the type of friends that would go out and have drinks after work. But i thought I would post a few more pictures from my birthday weekend because, well, why not?


That is Mur and I. This is actually from Jan 30th, but because I started taking pictures at about 10pm to ensure I remembered my birthday, I got some more ‘natural’ photos of us being, well, us {aka nutty}… there are many more where this came from but these were my 2 favorites.
…. on to the birthday…


As I think I mentioned, mur came up and we went and camped/cabined at William O’Brien State park near Stillwater, MN. It was a GOR-GEOUS day! {Regardless of what Rene in Texas says… :)} I had the window rolled down, I was running around in a light fleece sweatshirt and we even had lunch on our cabin’s porch. Couldn’t ask for better weather on January 31st. After lunch I insisted I take some photos and {I think just because it was my birthday} Mur obliged. The photo above and the photo in the previous post are examples of that. I think together with the photo from 2 posts ago (via my drive to work) I have a fun trilogy of images I’m going to do something with.

 After camping/cabining, it was Super Sunday! We came back to my house to eat loads of food and drink oodles of beer. Then my dad sprung THIS bad boy on us!

2_1It was AMAZING! It is a flour-less chocolate torte. I’m pretty sure the recipe is via a cookbook I gave my dad ages ago. I will always love his chocolate obsession and my lack of gift creativity resulting in an excess of cookbooks for the holidays.


 This is just a fun photo. This torte goes delightfully well with Espresso, another one of my dad’s most favoritest things in the world {right behind Roux}. It was overall a very delightful birthday and thank you to those who sent wishes!!!

And I’m out – time to shut down the work computer and head home for the day. Thank goodness!

~ by chocolatemooseimages on February 3, 2009.

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