oh, it is hard to express how much I love Friday. Especially when the weather starts to warm up and I start itching to be outside. I’m also quite excited to have a relaxing weekend of creative thinking and uninterrupted time to work on projects. Ha – how dorky do I sound?! That’s ok – I’ll take dork status. I looove doing creative things because I feel so accomplished! Like I’m using that brain I trained so hard in my expensive days of college.  Come to think of it, I also feel acomplished when I clean, but that’s a whole different can of worms.

On a more visual note, I snapped a few photos the other morning of the pup, and I feel this photo is very representative of my days. I go into the bathroom in the morning and quite often when I come out I find this…

hallway pup

My puppy dog loves to wait for us when we disappear into these mysterious rooms. She doesn’t wine or paw at the door, but she waits. And waits. And Waits. She is just so loyal! Anyways, thought this photo was cute and that I should post it here to have a fun new photo ‘on top.’

Shoot – gotta get back to work. Enjoy your friday!!


~ by chocolatemooseimages on February 6, 2009.

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