the web and new rules


Ever have a particular thing that you just always have to know about, be familiar with, almost need to ‘hold’ it, you just crave it?! It is like a hunger that can’t be filled with anything else. Like the feeling I get for chocolate 16 hours a day. And yes, that is pretty accurate. I am my father’s daughter, and all. But what I am really talking about are websites that you become addicted to. Ok – so I may be a little dramatic when I say, ‘it’s a hunger’ but anyone who knows how crazy I got regarding Steep and Cheapknows my ‘minor’ compulsions and obsessions are real. (Thanks Emily…) But I do find I go through phases in which I become stuck to a certain website until I get tired of checking in close to a dozen times a day to see if there is a new thought that has been posted. Ever have that feeling? No? Then you quite possibly have not submerged yourself in the world of blogging. I sit here typing after spending 3 hours – yes, 3 full hours perusing The Pioneer Woman‘s website for funny stories or great photos. I just have to say, she is a fantastic writer. City girl meets ranch life, and hilarity ensues. Sheesh! What is there not to love? She also has some fabulous photo suggestions, photoshop actions and recipes which, thank you very much, graced our Super Bowl party. Anyways, because she has done such a great job at spending my time for me, I wanted to send a little kudos her way. Check out her site, but consider this a warning. Her stories, photos and overall wicked sense of the English language is addicting.

And now, it is of course getting late. I should race off to bed while I still have a bed to get into …  Shoot, Roux won. She always wins. Oh, how I can’t wait for the day I get my queen sized bed. I can’t even express how incredibly excited I will be when I can sleep on my side of the bed, and Roux can have her side. Or my kittens, whatever/wherever/whenever the case may be.

“But wait… you said something about ‘new rules’…?”

True! I did! I have changed my rules, yet again, for the 365 project. Not that I necessarily need to post an update, but here it is anyways. I always feel like these updates might actually make we work harder to accomplish this project. Right. Anyone who knows how crazy I get regarding decision making and project working knows my ‘minor’ compulsions and obsessions are real. (Is there an echo?)

To the rule! I have decided that i am feeling much too much pressure in these dark, cold icky months to take a photo everyday. I have expressed that in previous entries, but until now, did not have a wonderful solution for it. Alas, I have succeeded! I am not requiring I take a photo every day, but I have to work on a photo or dig an old photo up that I absolutely LOVE! That way it can not only be a year or tracking the present, but remembering the past. How sentimental am I?! With my favorite hobby being scrapbooking (falling just behind my love for photography) it should come as no surprise I love the past. In some cases, you might call me a ‘change phobe.’ I do love change and even embrace it most of the time. But most of that change comes with a twinge of sadness for the loss of the past. Take moving from my apartment for example… I did shed a tear when I moved out of the apartment I loved for 2 years. No one knows that, so shhh. I had spent so much time there, had so much fun, suffered through the heat and froze through the cold. It also marked an end of college and the start of real life. Maybe that was the biggest slap in the face, who knows. I did make this though, be warned, it’s on the huge if you click on it:


I created this senior year in my imaging class for a “collage” project. I thought it fun to haphazardly piece together my morning in my room. It gives a good reminder for me of what I did on an average college class morning when I loathed the idea of getting out of bed to go to, ugh, class, as well as accurately portrays the look of my bedroom for 2 years. What I wouldn’t give to be on my own schedule again!

Oof – so I think the point of that story, along with the addition of the picture is to show what I mean, I guess, about adding older images. As long as it means something and if my should be icky and boring and I can’t actually take a picture, this is a perfect alternative to keep my project rolling. At this point I have kinda lost my train of thought because of my ridiculously long tangent resulting in trying to find this picture, but I’m pretty sure that was my point. Oh well, now you have another photo to look at 🙂

Yikes – and now, with only a few hours before I need to wake, I am going to wrassle my dog for a sleeping space. Wish me luck. Over and out.

~ by chocolatemooseimages on February 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “the web and new rules”

  1. very cool collage!

  2. Jess! I have been so slow to get on your blog and go through your Flickr photos and layouts, and visit your site. I had so much fun getting inspired by your pics and scrapping – and your site is gorgeous! I am hoping in the next year we will have a dog and I will be calling for a photo session!

  3. Quite frankly my dear, your college is awesome.

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