Viva New Mexico


Oh delightful day of Friday, whoever created this day of ‘end’ was a great person. As I’ve expressed so often, I truly and deeply LOVE Fridays. It’s not that I don’t love my job, I just love the freedom to do anything and everything for 2 whole days. I can play with pictures on my computer. I can take my dog out to play. I can watch a movie. I can watch 2 movies. I can make a delicious dinner that takes all day. I can take a nap. I can drink wine. mmm wine. I can sing like no one’s watching – which I might add I am totally doing right now, because no one is watching.  

…. anyways… To all you avid blog readers: you may have noticed I have been away from my ‘post’ for 2 weeks. Shout out to you! Thanks for checking in to make sure I was still kicking, you 2.  To keep you up to speed, I spent last week driving around the state of New Mexico and this week readjusting to the chill in Minnesota. And I’ve got pictures to prove it {the first part, that is}

With regards to the top photo you may be asking yourself, “Wow where did she get a photo of a model? I didn’t think she knew many models.” Oh no, I don’t, but that is infact Mur posing for me. He was such a good sport! Not only did he stand here and let me take pictures of him, he never once complained on the trip about the amount of pictures I took {ahem – 734}. What a keeper.

We covered over 3000 miles of this grand ‘ol country visiting a handful of state and national parks and some close friends of mine. I’ve got a few photos to post tonight but rest assured there are more to come alongside more detail of the trip.


After a delightfully long day of driving Mur and I made it into Santa Fe, New Mexico. {insert long long LONG nap} After ‘doing up’ Santa Fe the best we could in 3 hours, we cruised down to Albuquerque and investigated the Petroglyph national monument. {insert above photo} . The entire trip it was like the sun gods were looking down upon me for photos and a sun burn. At this time of the year, the spring itch is so strong in Minnesota that even a 5 degree up swing is a blessing. Imagine a 50 degree change! We were absolutely wallowing in it!


We spent a lot of time driving but we also took lots of time to sight see and wander in both parks and cities. This above picture is from a well know church in Cerillos. Now, what it is well know for i never did learn, but the light was amazing behind it, so I snapped some pictures.

…and that concludes… day 2. Yeah, I know. A pretty pathetic blog post but hey, I have been editing photos non-stop this evening on one of the slowest computers and i feel that before I throw it out the window or shove it down the garbage disposal, I should wrap it up and call it a night.

I promise to make another post in good time… “on my honor or else I be chopped up and made into soup”


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