yeeee ha!

I love wedding photographers. I love portrait photographers. There is a particular style and feel to all of my favorites that I really can’t get enough of. They have an amazing amount of beauty to them in a fantabulous color pallet that I can not take my eyes away from. At my job, partof my job is to ‘keep up on photographers.’ That having been said, I spend the majority of my un-assigned time perusing photographers website and blogs and bookmarking those pages like it’s going out of style! I only wish some of these guys’ talent rubs off on me! If you are interested, here are some of my top pics…..

The Blog is Found… the wonderful blog counterpart to The Image is Found
Tara Whitney Photography …. she has this funky style that is a bit on the addicting side
Mammoth Men … just plain goofy! and oh so talented
a LEGO a day gets my vote for best 365 project! hands down… fantastic creativity.
Emily Steffen… i’m pretty sure i’ve linked her before, but she is so trendy, I just can’t stop looking! She is a former co-worker and lives right over the river in Hudson. Holla girl!
Erin Vey … I think she is located in Seattle and her dog is one of the most beautiful dogs i have ever seen. Second of course to Mrs. Roux. No contest.
Whitebox Weddings … CRANK the volume before opening this site. But be warned…. It’s hard to stop grovin to the musaaac. That’s coming from personal experience. Like right now….  ‘ tink tink tink …. love train …. tink tink tin’  That is my blog impersonation of a symbol and the song. I know, it was pretty self explanatory, but I thought some readers might not be as well versed in the provided blog/music /jess language 🙂
Sharon Montrose… she is a new find and I haven’t dove too deep in her site, but from what I can see, she is stinking awesome

Those are all the good sites I’ve got at home right now. I have another laundry list of regulars on my work computer. Any one interested in more just let me know! I can dig ’em up.

But now for the main reason I so eagerly wanted to get a post going tonight… I’ve got pho-tos! I finished about 1/3 of my travel images and selected a handful to add here. I haven’t made a big dent yet in the Taffy/Baloo shoot, but I will. Give me time.





these 4 photos were from the Turquoise Trail … a fabled ghost trail that leads between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. When I hear ghost town I expect… dirt, empty, bad paint and cow skulls. nope, here we had people, petting zoos, coffee shops and museums. What? That sounds like a tourist trap! It sounds like a less advertised version of Wall Drug. Not quite what I would call prime ‘ghost town’ material. Either way, we had fun driving around and seeing the beauty of the South West!


Who doesn’t love photos of cactus? I can’t help it, I do! They are so prickly and unappealing. Not what you typically would cut and bring home for your dining room table. Yet so photogenic!



these 2 are from the petroglyph national monument in Albuquerque. Same place my willing model let me snap his photos. I found this park to be so interesting because it was just outside the Urban Sprawl of Albuquerquewhich seems like an odd place to have a National anything. The hikes are great and pretty tame and the photos ops were plentiful, which I always love.


These are my Yuccas. These were the plants I dreamed about from the words ‘let’s go to New Mexico!’ I’ve had this vision of beauty in my mind of a sunset photo with the Yuccas at White Sands. Honest to goodness? The park was everything I hoped for. I would say “and even more” had we been able to camp. But no, missle testing overrides camping permits. Yikes! I know…


More Yuccas, but these look like Pineapples which makes me feel tropical whenever I look at it. I might have to blow this up real big and hang it in my room. I can be in the tropics {of New Mexico} everyday with a piece of art like this at my bedside.

Additional photos to come. Either more from NM or more from the Castle animals. Or maybe more from random aspects of my days in MN. Who knows! Speaking of that {random life}, 365 is not going the best. I’ll get back on track. At least, I think I’ll get back on track. hmmmm. Until next time, have a spectacular evening!

Oh – I almost forgot!!!! I have a fun announcement I’ll be making in the next day or so. Keep tuned

~ by chocolatemooseimages on March 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “yeeee ha!”

  1. Great photos! You make the desert look beautiful!

  2. Jess, Awesome pictures – I love your photos.

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