Your Pooch Could Be Famous!

Hello all! I have some fun news that I’ve been trying to iron out for the last week….. Drum Roll….. I am on the hunt for canine models!
{you can click the image to make it bigger and easier to read}


I am so excited to be offering this! I have ideas for projects that require some new fresh photos, so I’m calling out to all my blog readers {and your best friend, uncle, neighbor, coworker or anyone else that has a pooch} to provide the furry subjects. Because it would be much appreciated, like the notice says, you will receive a 5×7 print as well as more edited photos on my website to order from. Please contact me if you are interested! For all you kids in Iowa, I have been thinking about doing a day down there in July. Contact me via the website if you ladies are interested 🙂

On another note, I’ve been diligently working on rounding out my New Mexico collection of pictures (just in time to be going back to New Mexico for work.. i love travel!) as well as getting all my Taffy and Balloo pictures edited. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent the weekend with these kids a couple weeks ago. Taffy has tons of energy and is quite playful and Balloo is an older lady who knows how to get her way with the dog.


This little miss is Balloo. She is a 17 {maybe 15?} year old kitty who is quite loving and always anxious for her meals. Now, I have experience with my dog and this syndrome. Her tummy starts telling her hours before it really is time for dinner that it-is-time-for-dinner! She jumps. She paws. She howls. She likes to make herself clear what it is she wants so there really is no question. So does this cat. She meows and paws and meows some more. Balloo would even watch behind her as she went down the stairs to make sure I was following with the dish. Not probably the safest choice, but always good to double check.



And this is Taffy. She debuted on my site a couple weeks ago. She, unlike her cohort Balloo, seems to savor her food. She is more the lie on the ground and nibble type of gal. There was even food left in the bowl minutes later. And that is unheard of in my house. Anyways, a couple cute pictures of Taff.


I can’t wait to hear back from interested people for the FREE *mini* shoot! Pass the word to anyone who might be interested, and tell them to get a hold of me via Chocolate Moose Images.

In case anyone was wondering how the car search has been going, I can answer with, ‘It’s Going.’ It’s in the works for me to test drive another car and see if it is my perfect fit.


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2 Responses to “Your Pooch Could Be Famous!”

  1. Hey, I would be interested in an Iowa day… Riverfalls is only 3 hours from my parents though, so depending on the exact day we could maybe even do it up there… 🙂

  2. Booker would love to partake in a photo session! Bella might, too, it will depend on how hot it is!

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