a kitty named Balloo

On Friday, while sitting at my desk catching up on the latest from some of my favorite photogs, it occurred to me that I really like the look of various blogs. I like the way images don’t seem to float by themselves and instead they are more ‘clustered’ together cohesively. I decided that no more would I have a boring looking blog. I like to call this the ‘tidy-cluster.’ The name comes in part from my love of peanut clusters and in part from the literal way images are displayed. Now I can’t take sole credit for this ‘invention.’ While I did make my own templates and designs in Photoshop, I have been inspired by various photographer’s blog displays. Exhibit A:


For a while now I figured these neat shapes {such as the rectangles and squares shown above} that photographers’ photos were jammed into were at their disposal because they had fancy blogs. You know the ones. The fancy customized ones. Because of that I would just drool at my computer over these artsy looking blogs with the understanding that mine would never become this. Alas! I have found the solution! After a lot of trial and error and bonding with the ‘shape tool,’ I have created my own set of ‘tidy-clusters’ to further that artistic vision that only can go so far with a floating image.


Let me reintroduce you to Balloo… again. Balloo has been posted on here a couple times now, but she made the cut again because of the mood in these pictures. The colors in these photos makes me think of Summer. And by my clock it should be summer now. And since it’s clearly not by the snow storm we had last night, I am living vicariously through several images of Balloo with her bright pink collar, the warm tones of her surroundings and the lovely bright light filling the room. Go ahead – click on her! The ‘tidy-cluster’ looks far more impressive at a larger size. This project has occupied about 5 hours of my time, and for that I am thankful! I feel accomplished for a Sunday evening even though my pup feels slightly neglected.


In conclusion I just want to ask Mother Nature to take pity on us chilly folk in the North. Where is this so called ‘Spring’? It’s April!


~ by chocolatemooseimages on April 5, 2009.

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