another update and a pretty sunset

Why hello! Happy Wednesday to everyone. So far the bummer of my week consists of getting a car wash on a bright sunny evening only to have my car rained on 12 hours later. I know. If that’s the worst thing that’s happened, I’m doing pretty good. But still. I wish for that gleaming car of Monday eve.

Over the weekend I spent lots of time doing all kinds of things! Mostly, I spent lots of time on my website. And by lots I mean about 10 hours. With 7 of them being consecutive {and my behind is still recovering from that decision!} Check it out if you’ve got time. I added a few new colors, a few new patterns and a few new images. I’m pretty happy with the work and I hope others like it too. I also spent quite a while doing other creative things for other people which I finished up last night – all I can share is they are invites of some kind and collages of some little cutie. That was nice to get those at least to the next approval stage! I love doing creative projects for other people they are a TON of fun! But they are also nice to complete and take a step back from and say, “I’m not a bump on a log. I can do something. See? I did something!”

Well – here is something I did. I added a snap shot of my new website layout. The address is still the same ( so I trust you could find it, but I like making screen shots. I feel so techy when I do it.

new site

The other thing(s) I spent a lot of time working on this weekend were taking photos at the location of my FREE session which is out at my aunt and uncles in Wisconsin. {There is still space available, so see the last post for more info!}


I love it there! It is like a little escape. Their home and farm is tucked into the hills of Wisconsin which makes it a bit like a cabin vacation with a really good bed and a kitchen stocked full of beans. I took Roux up to the ‘spot’ to do some sample photos. Turns out that was a silly idea. She was so wound up from sitting around my feet all day while I was on my computer that she tore around the pasture for a good 20 minutes. I’m shocked I got her to sit still for this one!


Note to self: I think I need a little more planning as to the best ways to keep dogs calm while on set at the session. We are trying to avoid lost dogs at all costs.

I hope everyone is having a stellar week! It’s Wednesday which means the weekend is approaching quickly. And WHO isn’t excited for Grey’s Anatomy season finale tomorrow night? Hellllo? I’m going to be preoccupied for the 8-10pm window most likely with a box of Kleenex, a glass of wine and the lights out. I find dramas to be more dramatic when the lights are out. I feel more one with the TV. I haven’t decided if that’s good or not, but for tomorrow night I plan to stick with it.  Have a good one!

~ by chocolatemooseimages on May 13, 2009.

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