Last spring I graduated from college. This spring I received lots of wedding invitations. Ok – not LOTS but 3 for some of my most favoritest people from Iowa City. And these 3 seem to fall within 4 weeks of each other (+1 Fourth of July vacation). Between July 3rd and August 8th I will have driven about 2300 miles (not including my work mileage…oy vay!). All of which will be graced with the Southern Minnesota and Iowa country side.


But what is not ick are the fun and exciting events I’m going to! I can’t say what my favorite will be but I can say that I’m excited to have an excuse to get dressed for 3 weddings and attend parties with my lovely and awesomely fun friends from Iowa.

Speaking of which, I had the pleasure of taking photos of one of those lovely couples last night at the Walker Sculpture Garden. Meet Nicole and Andy. Soon to be nicoleandy.


It was fabulous. They were willing to do lots of posing and walking and standing and smiling and hugging and had good ideas of their own {ie: jumping in the air and taking gobs of photos… seen it before but never so graceful}. I snapped tons and TONS of photos and have a marvelous {if I do say so} selection to play with and even to perhaps do some sort of collage/book/thingy with them. News on that to follow. I liked it so much that while pets are still my big thing that I love lots, I would like to dapple in couples photos too. But we can chat about that later.

I’ve spent a good amount of time over the last few years getting to know these 2 and it was real fun to see their relationship shine. Most of what I’ve known has been the sitting around, playing games, going to dinner and general relaxing type of Nicole&Andy unit. I’ve never really seen the romantic and cute relationship side. After a little warming up, I think I found it. And surprise surprise, it was cute.

IMG_9289 copy



Well – hope you’se guys like the sneak-peak of photos! There are oodles more, so I can’t wait to show you them all … but  how about one more for the road



gotta love it! And you know there is more where that came from. {side note: I appreciate you kids putting up with my antics and general awkwardness… you are the bestest! Congrats again on the engagement!!}

I will do my darndest to keep you posted on all my wedding/pet/people/moving/photography ventures this summer, but as you can tell, it is jam packed! Which I hope means ooooooodles of pictures. Because we all know how much I love pictures. See ya soon!

~ by chocolatemooseimages on June 15, 2009.

5 Responses to “july+august=weddings!”

  1. These look awesome, Jess! I think my favorite is the first one by the sculptures. So cool. Safe travels to all your weddings!

  2. Your photos are so nice. If the others are like these you did a fantastic job. Looks like everyone had fun. I agree with Kirsten-travel safe this summer.

  3. Great work! Love the lighting in these!

  4. […] may remember Andy and Nicole from a previous post and these […]

  5. […] may remember Andy and Nicole from a previous post and these […]

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