it’s hot and sticky

I love warm weather. I love sunshine. I love leaving work and not having to turn my headlights on. I love wearing t-shirts. I love going barefoot. But I can’t say I love Minnesota humidity. Nope. Not at all. But at the same time, I do seem to complain when the weather is too cold, and I spose too hot is better than too cold. So because of that argument, I’ll take it. With this latest heat wave, I have cooped myself up in the basement to edit photos, create a guest book, fix portions of my website and order some lovely LOVELY photo frames for a display {big smile} and possibly even a fancy leather album that feels like BUTTA! Not kidding, it feels exactly like it. Super excited!

Speaking of big smile, I have big news! An apartment is in my near future. Very near future! I signed a lease for an apartment last week and am very thrilled about it! Short of lower rent {which let’s be honest, we all would love} I can’t complain about any of the features. Yes, I have yet to move in, but at first {and second} glance, everything is lovely. Can’t wait! I’ll post photos once I’m all settled.

Eventhough I’m not feeling very ‘bloggy’ but because a post isn’t complete without a photo, I have a little collage Mrs. Roux. We spent last weekend together which included a long walk, a good play at the park and a lot of time in the sun on the porch.

 roux_mini tri image

Have a lovely Monday. Even though it’s pretty much bedtime, I hope you don’t have the same Monday fog that I did all day. It was a challenge to focus and function but because I am expecting more time towards the end of my week to really get creative, I’m feeling good about the week!


~ by chocolatemooseimages on June 22, 2009.

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