i live to organize

 In less than a week I will have the keys to my new digs. I am quite excited to be able to get in there and start moving stuff around and making it fit into all the little crannies. If anyone knew me as a kid, which most of you didn’t, then you would know that the fact that I love to organize and clean is a total 180 from how I lived my life as a youngster. I used to be the kid that had the disaster room that you couldn’t even walk through. I had to make a visual path from my light switch to my bed at night so I could make it back there in the dark. And now, I love when everything has its own little place in my mass collection of stuff. I think that’s due in large part to my art habit. If I don’t know what all I have in no way am I able to create. It’s a little funk I get into when things are not tidy.

With the movement of my stuff into its new home comes the opportunity to get new boxes/baskets/canvases/frames/photos. I am loving going to various websites to get design ideas like these:


Sadly, I don’t know where to give credit to this one because I found it a long time ago, but isn’t it sweet? It’s not something that I imagine doing in my upcoming abode {so relax Mur} but sometime in the future, I think this might be cute. Or at least a variation of it.

And holy wow, do I love this!


I found this one on a really awesome design site called Design Sponge that is updated so frequently it puts my blog to shame. I know that isn’t too hard to do since I rarely get two posts done in a week but regardless, this site is great. But this bed, I mean come on! It’s amazing! I’m going to add it to my bank of ideas for future projects.

On a less design note, I also really love this.


{click on the photo for the link the artist}

I’ve heard it’s ridiculously hard to get good at, but I think this winter it might be a new weekend hobby for me. And that also means that this winter on the weekends I will be insanely caffeinated. This particular photo I found after a Google search for ‘Latte Art.’ It was inspired by Elsie’s blog one day, and I looked up this one. I just think it’s impressive so I wanted to stick it in here.

Well, I’m headed to Iowa for a few days on vacation. I am going to a Bachelorette party tomorrow night for my wonderful roomie {phew-wish me luck, it’s my first bachelorette experience!} and then I’m headed out into the country to mur’s family’s place for some R&R {which includes some beach time, some chatting time and some wine/cheese time}. Here’s where I’m headed…


Happy 4th!


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