the good news is i’m into my apartment but the bad news is…

intriguing, right?

 I have been very excited (and likewise neglectful of my blog) the last week or so because I got my keys to the apartment and started moving my belongings in. It has been really fun and actually pretty pleasant because in large part to the weather. Not too hot. Not too cold… but just right. I have all my big stuff moved in and the majority of what I can put away. Yeha!

But the Bad news you ask? Well, let me give you a hint.


I know this doesn’t give you a huge clue but sit tight, I’ve got a story.

Saturday was the day of moving. We stuffed full the 2 big beastly cars with boxes,furniture and stuff and trucked it on over to the new apartment. We got it all unloaded and up into the apartment and returned the Montero to it’s spot of slumber in the driveway in time for my dad to take off to a work project. That left me alone to do what I love most in a new space… cleaning and organizing! Because I’m missing quite a bit of my furniture I really only had 1 main goal for Saturday: wash the year of newspaper funk off my dishes and get my kitchen put away. I was about ¼ of the way through my dishes, rockin out to some tunes and covered in dish water when I hear a knock at my back door. It was my new downstairs neighbors! Now, the thing that I feel was lacking at my last few apartments is the lack of familiarity with my ‘building mates’ so I didn’t want that to happen here as well. I was excited to meet them! The only thing was, they had come up to find out if anything was overflowing because there was a lot of water dripping into their apartment. No, nothing! I looked around hoping I wasn’t a moron who was unknowingly (but obviously) flooding their apartment and I didn’t see a drop of water anywhere it shouldn’t be. It wasn’t the greatest way to meet them but they didn’t seem overly concerned just not thrilled. Unfortunately, that left my dishes only part way done and I really didn’t have many more projects to keep me busy. After putting away my toiletries in the linen closet and moving my arts stuff to its temporary home, I was stuck. Do I take my dishes home and wash them? That seems a little extreme, I just got done unpacking them. Should I just put them in piles in the kitchen? Well that is just not a great solution. I therefore came up with the idea to continue my dishes but in the tub. Yes, I washed my dishes in my bathtub and used towels on the floor as my drying rack. It actually worked quite well because there was more space and the towels could hold more than the actual drying rack could. Moral of the story is that my icky situation worked itself out and I was able to complete my project – now I just hope that the leak/clog/pipe/something gets fixed soon. I need to eat and would like to have my kitchen sink back!

Because I have been neglectful of my blog, I do have a few photos to share. I made a little (and very dark) collage of photos from my apartment to give you a taste. Please don’t judge me on these photos. The only camera I had with had a very scary blinking red light where the battery life usually is so I had to work quick.

4 photo_3 columns

That is my apartment! The image on the left is looking from the kitchen through the dining room into the living room. The image on the right is the kitchen complete with stacks of dishes to be washed with a sink that doesn’t work right. The image on the top is my newly found set of phrase books/language dictionaries of my moms. They just look so cool I put them up on the mantel. It will be the only taste of Europe I have for quite a while I suspect so it will be nice to have those to dream over. The bottom {and super blurry} photo is another version of my dishes in the bathroom propped next to the tub.

Hmm well that’s about all I have for now. I don’t have internet at the new place yet and my computer might be dead but I hope I can muster another post soon.

~ by chocolatemooseimages on July 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “the good news is i’m into my apartment but the bad news is…”

  1. Your apartment looks like it has lots of lovely light! And nice wood floors! Good luck & have fun getting all set up. I hope you’ll have a little scrap space.

  2. congrats on the cool apt! have fun creating your space:)

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