beautiful city

I love Minneapolis. I have always liked the city but it wasn’t until I left for college that I realized, no – I love the city! There is always something to do, there are tons of interesting people, there are so many ‘city’ sounds, we are not far from getting out of the city when needed and the state fair has so many things on a stick it’s amazing.

Recently when I did my photo shoot at the Walker Sculpture Garden I took a few preliminary photos just for my own enjoyment. I really can’t get enough of the garden and it’s photographic possibilities. I also always seem to time it right to get light that is just wonderful. The kind of light that you really can’t take a bad photo in. I think part of why I love the place is because I love love LOVE architecture and some of those sculptures have similar qualities making them really great inspiration points. Yikes! That was a load of inspriational information which is usually not my thing. Regardless, I am looking forward to tooling around my new neighborhood and lakes area looking for fun stuff to take photos of. I really love the idea of all that Minneapolis has to offer me for photos. I am living in the Antique meca on 50th St. so I should have some nifty stuff to work with.

Anyways, assuming my computer is not totally dead, I hope to be more inspired and therefore posting frequently in my very own space!  We’ll see 🙂  But i’m looking forward to the idea of it. For now here are my 2 faves from the walker.


Your classic “spoon and cherry” photo. I see them all over the place. Posters. Postcards. Websites. But I do love it. It is so Minneapolis!


And this was just cool.  

Happy Wednesday!


~ by chocolatemooseimages on July 15, 2009.

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