tuesday already?

Sheesh. Another Tuesday come and gone. And I still have not caught up from last week. I keep trying to come up with lists of stuff I want to get done because oh boy, am I a list person. When in doubt, I make a list. That having been said, I am having list block! I am having troubles keeping it all in one spot, is what I decided. I found a grocery list on the backside of an order form from work {which even thoughyou don’t know the ins-outs of my job, you can understand that that is not where they should be kept} and I’ve found lists scribbled on the backsides or recipts {often after they are covered in coffee grounds in my trash}. I have a lot of shopping things to write down that I think once are written down will clear my brain to retain all the other things that need to be stored up there. I had something like that happen the other night. I was trying to fall asleep and had a few things I wanted to get done in the morning before work. I made a mental note about two different things {both totally uninteresting at this point} but then all of a sudden, a third popped in there. Whoa, three was way too many to remember through the night so I had to get up and write things down. Anyways – maybe more organization is just what I need! Yeah, that’s it. I’m not organized enough. Maybe I also need a new fun gadget/shelf/book/pen to get me organized. I saw these killer shelves at Ikea. And I’ve been craving this book from Kolo. And I could probably find something equally important and necessary on Etsy to round things out. 

…or maybe it’s my organizing process that is the trouble…
As one of the things on the to-do list, I have more photos from the Cabin Party Extravaganza.
IMG_9604 copy
As I mentioned a few posts ago I am working on this new style of TTV. I am still in the ‘experimenting’ stages but so far have been liking what I’ve been getting. I haven’t mastered the non-glare issue on these photos. It wasn’t such a big deal when I first tried them because they were indoor, but in trying to do some outside, I realized it really is pretty crucial to have a light blocker on the sides.

And even though I tried and tried, I am at a loss for a creative segue from the dock at the Cabin into Barrett photos … so with no muss and no fuss, here they are.

3 photo_1 row



You two look so playful and happy!


look at his little belly!


… and look at his little faux-hawk! too cute!

Barrett is one of those kids that is hard to get a bad picture of. And what’s great is that he still is loving the reflection in the camera lens.

IMG_9744 copy

… and another final TTV for the evening. It just makes everything look so interesting! Oh the fun I will have.

And now I’m off to tackle some list somewhere. Wish me luck.


~ by chocolatemooseimages on August 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “tuesday already?”

  1. These are awesome photos. The colors you used do a great job capturing the lake/beach vibe. And what a cutie, love the belly. I feel your pain on the list thing. I have them on my phone, paper scraps, a chalkboard, etc.

  2. Jess-these pictures are beautiful! Thanks so much, I can’t wait to see more!

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