weddings are big!

That is my overall statement from going to 2 weddings of late. I think they are fabulous affairs that quite clearly take tons of man hours (and $$) to put on. No, I’m not so naive to have never know this in the past, its just that the weddings I attended previous to these I was less interested in the snazy accoutrements than the clothes I was wearing or food I was eating or awkward relatives I was avoiding. I also have never played a role in any weddings and even though my roles in these were so minor, and completed welllll before the wedding day, I still appreciate all the work that goes into these days. Kudos! And my ratings of the last two weddings? Two thumbs up! Tons of pretty stuff and Tons of fun (and oh yeah, Tons of wine!)

You may remember Andy and Nicole from a previous post and these photos. IMG_9217


Their lovely wedding was the second of 2 and was last weekend (the 8th, not the 11th as the invitation proclaimed). It was loads of fun! The ceremony was beautiful, the vows were loving yet goofy, the food was delicious and the party was excellent! Both were held at the same venue in North Liberty, IA which was really a fun space to dance and take pictures. Now as I have proclaimed, wedding photography is not in my bag of tricks and I don’t really plan to make it so. BUT Nicole and Andy asked if I would casually take photos of the reception and aside from loving those guys, I am not known for turning down opportunities to tote around my camera equip. Here is my sneak peak of photos from their wedding.

wedding shots


Another fun treat was getting to the wedding and signing the guest book that I photographed for and designed for them. I even noticed others looking at all the photos (woot!) After I got the book back I took photos of it to keep in my little folder of “cool things I’ve made.” I hope to get the opportunity to make another, they are fun!

guest book

Being without a computer is really getting on my nerves (yes – going on 1 month) so all I’ve got to post really are just sneak peaks. No time, No computer, No internet. Yikes! Soon though, I can feel it.

Next up? Lucy and Penny!



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  1. Great job with the wedding photos. I love how the color looks so antique. Can’t wait to see some puppy photos, hope you managed to get some good ones! 🙂

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