Do I Hear a Yahoo?

I have a new computer! Horay!!


And it has a web cam. I’ve always thought web cams were a bit on the silly side. I’ve never really had the need to chat with someone through my computer visually and instead I have found texting or email to be a very suitable way to reach someone. But regardless I can see it’s value, just not for me. So when I learned the computer came with a web cam I figured I would never use it because I just don’t have that need. Silly me. Until very very recently (ie: me with the commputer on my lap, in pajamas and loading programs) I thought the web cam only did video. But why would technology stop there? It takes some not so great still photos too but whoa nelly, I can tell there is some fun to be had with this baby. Anyways – needed to post a mini update but NOW i can finalllly get more projects accomplished (and photos managed and dogs found and art created). So if your pictures have been neglected, I have no more excuses. They will be gloriously displayed soon.



~ by chocolatemooseimages on August 21, 2009.

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