Now that things are finally slowing down a bit, I am starting to really enjoy weekends again. They are no longer something that is a nice break from work but so much work I would almost rather be at work. And I can’t believe another one is upon me! Last weekend, for example, I used my bike twice – which is more than I have all summer. I enjoyed a good sampling of the Lake Maid August Schell beer and caught some good sized fish doing so. I visited an art show where a piece of mine was on display {in a great location, in case you were curious}. I garage sale shopped and scored! I fell in love with the porch out back that has now been named ‘The Square.’ I decided on the Nelson family Christmas presents – in August. I got laundry washed and then got to let it air dry on the close line – something that was familiar yet foreign up until recently. I had my Terabyte of everything moved to my apartment and with the help of my pa got that hooked up, so now my life on a computer is totally up and running again!

As an attempt to get back onto a regular working schedule I have a previous ‘mini-session’ to show photos from. Deb and Jason were so kind to let me come over and play with Penny and Lucy in their backyard one Sunday afternoon – which turned out to be one of the hottest afternoons I’ve felt all summer. Ick. But the dogs were great! Lucy was dealing with some ‘selective hearing’ but fun none-the-less.

Meet Penny…



She is a beautiful, spunky Wheaton terrier that has a face full of hair that is impossible not to love. She was really enjoying bounding around the yard and checking out the camera in hand. Deb got Penny through through Iowa Wheaten Rescue. For more information on the great organization go here. And to read Penny’s story you can go here at Iowa Wheaten Rescue Rescue Stories List

Meet Lucy…


See Lucy run. Far. From. Me. She didn’t really want too much to do with ‘the new girl’ or the camera. But I do have some favorites from the shoot!





I love this one of Mom+Penny!

Thanks again Verber family!


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