Neighbor Kitty… but is she yours?

Oof Da. I’m pretty sure just my last post was exclaiming about how excited I was that my life was slowing down.

Silly me.

On Thursday of last week I needed to start calenderizing {yep- it’s a word} my life to make sure I could fit in all the fun things I want to do this fall and yikes! For the months of September and October I really only have 2 weekends without plans. What happened? I had so many aspirations for this fall that I would get this that and the other thing done, and who knows when that will happen now. And you know what comes after fall? Winter! And winter means snow, cold, holidays and overtime. Ick.

To start out my Weekends of Wonderment, which is what the fall will be called {not to be confused with Weekends of Weddings} I had a lovely photo session with a beautiful cat named Neighbor Kitty or Noelle – she responds to both.

She belongs to the family of Troy and Rebecca Widner otherwise known as PickPic. They have designed this amazing tool for photographers that one day I hope to be able to offer my clients {ie: when I save my pretty little photographer pennies}. Their ‘tool’ is this shopping cart feature that is connected directly to the photographer’s website that allows the photographer’s clients to go in and order what they would like to have printed from the slew of images. Sweet, i know.

Neighbor kitty is also super cool and snazzy, but in a less technical or computerized sort of way. She is very mellow and likes to lay on the carpet. A lot. After getting over her confusion and possible fear of being followed around her house {where she is usually the follower} she was really only interested in lying around, swatting a little and then relaxing some more. Don’t get me wrong, she is adorable when she is lounging on the carpet, but it was not exactly what I was hoping for when I had visions of photographing a cat. What I sort of expected, but not what I was hoping for.

I had visions of this

jumping_catcare of here 

Or of this

silly_catcare of here 

But I got more relaxed subdued things such as…


which I am still very happy with, so thank you Neighbor Kitty {and Troy and Rebecca}! I haven’t had a ton of experience with cats yet, but that too will come. I have decided that my Christmas present to myself is going to be my litter mates. Hooray! I’m so excited already {and it’s only the first of September}! Once they arrive you can expect pretty much nothing but kitty cat photos sprinkled with my other sessions. But knowing me, it will be mostly kitties.

But I digress to my wishes and wants… Neighbor Kitty. Her name really has quite an interesting story. When they first asked me to take photos of Neighbor Kitty, I had a picture in my head of this stray cat in their neighborhood that they had just taken a liking to. Not the case as it turns out. Neighbor Kitty, and her family, hail from Portland, OR originally. They moved here about a year 1/2 ago and up until the move, Neighbor Kitty was just that – she was their neighbor’s kitty. After much time spent over at their home, when they decided to move to the great state of MN, they got the ok to take her along with them. After some kitty sleeping pills, her and her new parents made the move to their lovely new home in Eagan, MN where Neighbor Kitty is the queen of her abode – even if the walls are lacking in decor.

Up next? More to do about my ‘to do’ during my Weekend of Festivals


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