ohh Gracie

Meet Gracie…


She is the sweet puppy of my cousin. After the Minnesota winter rained on my parade once, we finally found a not too frigid morning that actually had sunshine to make this photo shoot happen. But you know what really gets me about that last statement? That apparently Winter is starting in October this year. Not Cool Minnesota, I don’t think you checked with your residents on that one. None of us are ready or happy about it and unless you plan to quit winter in February this year, I just don’t think it’s fair.


At most holiday events I haven’t gotten the chance to spend much quality time with Gracie discussing life’s conundrums such as why dogs eat twice a day but people get to eat as many times as they want. Or why Odie always got kicked off the counter by Garfield. So it was fun to see her at home in her element with her mama. She is a sweet and energetic little lady who is pretty darn good at sharing the insides of her toys.


After toy time we ventured outside into the backyard that overlooks a lake/pond type body of water. With the sun a shining, it was a gorgeous view!

IMG_1545  IMG_1573

…Well there you have it. Little Gracie. Just a taste of images for now, but there might be some others later. You’ll just have to wait. And. See. Enjoy your gloomy Thursday morning… it’s ishy here, I just hope it’s not where you are.

But there is an up side to today. Tomorrow is FRIDAY. Hot Dog!


~ by chocolatemooseimages on October 15, 2009.

One Response to “ohh Gracie”

  1. MY DOG!!! THE PICS TURNED OUT GREAT! I would love to see any others that you think turned out. GREAT JOB!

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