Little Man Strugs

Once upon a time there was a little man named Barrett. And in his younger year (or months) Barrett had a love for the camera.


He was pretty content just lying there on a blanket and staring at himself in my camera lens. Fast forward to the new age of ‘young toddler’ and he has become Little Man Strugs (short for “Little Man Barrett – King of Struggling and Wriggling”). He is at the beginning of that “I do what I want” time and “No one can hold me down.” I love it! What determination this guy has. While it makes photo taking and even baby holding a bit of a challenge, he is so stinkin cute I’m sure his family wouldn’t trade a second for a less struggley babe.

Having said all this, meet the whole Curtis family. Mom. Dad. And Little Man Strugs.

 IMG_1733 copy

For Barrett’s birthday, his Grandpa and Grandma gave him a mini tractor. Notice the red color. Not green. As I’ve been educated. It did not leave his side from the moment he got it to, I’m sure, well after we left the drive way. And I think it’s a perfect addition to these photos.

(notice the tractor. On mom’s leg. Real close by)IMG_1757 copy

The next one is my favorite from the session! A moment a pure, tractor happiness.


Adorable family! And very patient with me as well. Thanks for letting me torture your little man with my ideas!


~ by chocolatemooseimages on October 22, 2009.

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