Is it December, already?

I keep hearing that Photographer’s holiday season starts in September. It seems to be true. I know it’s the end of October, but on every blog I read and every cool photo website I go to, there is nothing but holidays holidays holidays. It’s OCTOBER people! But I spose, lots of photographers have holiday cut off times and it’s better to get things done earlier than later. Because when it’s later, it’s darker, colder and snowy-er and stress is on the rise.

But what does this odd rambling rant have to do with anything? With the holidays come holiday cards. I’ve spent a good amount of time adding new things to my website including some of that ‘tailor-made stuff’ I advertise on my biz cards. Not everything I offer is up there, but I’ve got holiday cards. And that’s what’s most important right now anyways, right?


This one is my personal favorite card – the tri-fold! It has 3 panels that when folded together are a 5×5 card. A bit different and a bit AWESOME.

I added a few samples here, but for the complete collection, head over to

Your options for holiday cards are virtually endless! Want me to take the photo? Love to! We’ve still got time. And I even have a special ‘holiday rate’ for just this purpose. Want to use that favorite photo from your greatest Mount Rushmore vacation? Will do! Want to use a pre-designed card I have? Easy enough. Want to get all wild and crazy and work with me to customize your cards? SIGN. ME. UP.

Contact me via the blog (contact me! page) or my website and let me know what you are interested in. And in the mean time? I am going to start my ease into Christmas music starting with the 3 Roaches. Best Christmas album ever.


~ by chocolatemooseimages on October 25, 2009.

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