Orchard … Cold, Cold Orchard

October 10th 2009. One of the coldest October days that I can remember. AND the day that I was set up to visit Deer Lake Orchard and do a wonderful MINI session for all pet lovers out there.

I had the day all scheduled. I had planed ahead quite a bit with all my little hand outs and informational pieces, but I still felt that I needed a bit of help to make sure the day went smoothly. Enter Mur.


A happy photo, no?

As a package deal, I had promised a gallon of cider and lunch for his help in keeping me organized at the session. Cider? Check. Pizza from Casey’s? Also check.


We set up shop in a little corner at the front of the barn complete with sunshine and a sign saying “Pet Photographer.” He was set up with my sign up sheet and I was set to roll with the camera and treats. While, yes, my set up is a little on the modest side, I do love it! I have a great book of samples, more information than you could ever want on what I do and a wood stool hand stenciled (and stained) with my logo. To begin with, it had less to do with the business but more to do with my love for moose and then my logo and for sure photography. And I guess Chocolate, too. So in retrospect, it totally has to do with my business. I do love my job!

As for the turnout, I had hoped for a few people but really had very little interest. In past pet photo years, it didn’t sound like a great turnout but with me being cold in long underwear and 2 coats/hat/mittens, it just really wasn’t in the cards for me to get many clients. I did come away with some pretty fun photos of Kona Rose, the fabulous canine host at Deer Lake Orchard.


Kona Rose was a beautiful subject. She was willing to work for dog treats (which is always nice) and she was the ever sociable pooch. Without fail, she would greet all the guests and even seemed to have the front door of the barn figured out. If she barks, someone will open it. Life is as simple as that.


Dear Kona, while I know you weren’t totally prepared for the photo shoot you were a fabulous model. And I know now that Pup-peronies are the key to your heart. Until we meet again, Salud!



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