samples samples samples

This is one of my recent time consuming projects…


I finally pulled everything together to make a fantastically awesome book of my work to show as a sample to those interested in just that – my work. I really love it and currently am treating it similar to how I would treat a child; it sleeps on a wonderful pillow of bubble wrap, it’s not allowed near hazardous materials and only comes out to play when it’s safe. Ok – a little over protective, I know, but it is so beautiful I don’t want to ding/dent/damage it before it really has it’s time to shine.

Here are some of the detail photos of the book:

I am in love. It is tall and sleek and pretty and full of MY pictures. It’s like a very cleanly designed scrapbook of my work over the last year + 1/2. Most pets I’ve worked with have been featured on a page (or even 2) using my favorite images from each session. Maybe your little one can be in the next installment? Just an idea…

On another note, as I’m able I will post more about the other projects that have been keeping me busy and away this last month (or 2, I guess it’s been). Exciting stuff to come!  Not really great to talk about unless I have photos to supplement with.


~ by chocolatemooseimages on December 27, 2009.

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