a bit of inspiration

As a sequel to my ‘love love loving’ post, similar to how Home Alone 3 was a sequel to Home Alone 1 and 2 (it shared roughly the same concept. That’s it. No Culkin to be found), I wanted to come up with several things that are artistically inspirational. I see this concept on a lot of different blogs and there are even blogs that are dedicated to ONLY this, and I think it is such a great idea! It is a digital record of things I love and things that will keep that part of my brain charging forward into the creative world. AND it’s an excuse to peruse more blogs.

Since my first blog post over a year ago, I have really changed my outlook on Blogging. At that time I think I jumped on the band wagon because it seemed like a good way to spread my name. But now I just really like it! I love reading other’s blogs and have several that when in doubt, I can pull up and read their newest post. Because there is ALWAYS a newest post. I know I don’t exude that sort of dedication on here and honestly, I would really like to. I am inspired by people that make several posts in one day. How do you do it?! Seriously. And even if you don’t post multiple times a day, there are lots that post every day. That is amazing to me as well. Maybe a goal for the coming months? I would say a goal for 2010 but who would I be kidding? I know that is a little steep for this chickadee. But maybe for a month? Hmmm… Stay tuned to see if that idea materializes. But on that same note, here is the first issue of ‘My List of Inspiration.’

1. A blog that I love because she posts every day with oodles of fun things!
Elsie Flannigan – ‘creative, cutie and constantly updating’ are how I would describe her and her blog. When in doubt of fun finds, I go there. Her artistic style is very original and she has some pretty neat tattoos; 2 really neato qualities.

2. In the cooking department, how cute are these?


They are little shortbread cookies that look like buttons! I could have soooo much fun with stuff like this. Seriously. And the process is so easy! I don’t know what I could make them for but really, do I need to have a reason to make cookies? I bet most people reading this would agree with “NO!”

* found here which is the flickr account of this blog … and not only are her photos on the ‘super neat’ side of life, her blog looks really awesome as well!

3. As I believe I mentioned a while back, I tried to pick up crocheting right before the holidays. It went ok. It wasn’t as successful as I hoped and the thing that was most frustrating was that usually I don’t have THAT hard of a time learning things like that. I know how to knit and can do that pretty well …


Ok – excuse the rough photo and the tacky PJs… but DO look at those nifty fingerless gloves that I knit! I haven’t worn them quite as much as I thought I would but I love them nonetheless.

But crocheting is something I really want to get into. Aren’t these cute?

ln-bracelets-beauty-425-1* found here

They make me want to learn to crochet again. And so does this…

img_2998* found here and it’s even to purchase which I may have to do. I just think they are so stinkin cute, environmentally friendly and all around awesome. I must learn! And actually part of why this is on my mind is because I have a knitting/crochet date after work with a friend at Caribou. Crafts and coffee at 7pm? Yowsa! Charly, you have an eager student.

And all this reminds me that I think my crocheting library book is overdue. Crap.

4. This is just something I think is really awesome! I’m not really into wood working but I have all the respect in the world for a craft that yields beautiful things like this. And if it wasn’t close to $100, I may have to buy it. Say, Mur… You think you can make something like this for me? Pretty please?


* found here at an awesomely named site: I am dorkas

Well, how was that for a first installment of pretty and creative things? A bit on the small side but it’s a start.

Now… must brush hair, brush teeth, put in contacts, find jeans, find shoes, make lunch and clean off car. Ciao!


~ by chocolatemooseimages on February 9, 2010.

One Response to “a bit of inspiration”

  1. yay crochet! I just got back into it. It’s a fun winter hobby. And collecting yarn is almost as fun as collecting scrapbooking supplies, lol. Thanks for the fun inspiration!

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