work-work-work-eat-sleep … repeat

The last several weeks I have been really feeling the creativity bug. Maybe it is a result of being cooped up so long for winter. I do love my apartment but you can only spend so much time playing Wii fit and watching Legends of the Seeker. Or maybe it is that I am spending more time sitting at my computer desk at work than in my own home. Don’t get me wrong, work rocks – but sometimes I miss a glue stick and paper, ya know?

That all boils down to the fact that I think I need to be doing more with my free time when I’m at home. I did accomplish a few scrapbook pages recently but I don’t even know when that was. I think the Olympics were still on. Hmm and I’m still calling that recent?  I keep saying I need some down time to be able to focus on things like that but I am starting realize, that down time is not really on the horizon. Life is getting busier and busier, which is fabulous, but I need to take more advantage of my minimal free time and just DO MORE. Maybe sleep a bit less? Does one really need 8 hours of sleep every night? I bet I cold get by with less. I used to get by with a LOT less in college. I bet I just need to channel my college paper angst and I could get quite a bit more done. Note to self: think thesis crunch time.

This post is less about the things I have accomplished recently and more of motivation to get me to do the things I want to do. Maybe if I put ideas down on digital paper, I will be more inclined to do stuff and make time for them… Which I’m pretty sure I’ve said before, but nonetheless. Photography is my main creative love and I would never give that up but I feel like I have ignored some of my other creative hobbies lately. I haven’t done enough paper crafting. I’m not sure the last time I made a book. I still haven’t finished the scarf I started 3 years ago (which I partially can blame on the yarn being discontinued). All of the above I would really love time to partake in.

My position at work has changed (for the better!) and I am starting to feel, more than I ever have before, that I need a magic wand that when waved stops time for everyone else but me. I could get sooo many more hours out of a day if I just had that. A goal for the future, that’s for sure!

How about some cute fun stuff for inspirational purposes? I think that could be just the ticket! il_fullxfull_120479129

Who doesn’t love LISTS?! I have no idea how many times I’ve said that. I should start counting. I think this is a super cute way to keep track of all those lists. I love this size notebook and I love that font. And of course the kraft color. Aside from Avocado green, Kraft is my next favorite color to use. (No idea where I got this photo – sorry! Let me know if you find it and I will give the proper credit to the crafty one responsible.)

french poster {credit}

Oh my goodness! This artist is amazing! I have credited to her blog and you really should go and check it out. She is a French artist named Marie Desbons and her work is beautiful. I am not sure how exactly she does it but I love it. I want posters all over. It makes me think of Paris and just happiness. Thank you Marie, for being so talented and sharing it!

mom cards_batch101

Speaking of talented, my mom was an amazing artist! I absolutely love her style and ideas and I really wish I would have been able to learn more about that (amongst MANY other things) from her. I have faith that she would have been able to teach me to draw better than I can. Drawing is totally lost on me. My college drawing teacher came over when we were drawing our live model subject and took a look at my paper and said in the nicest way possible, “This really isn’t your thing, is it?”

Anyways – I just think her drawings are fantastic and I am so excited to play with some of her cards and designs and writing and so on in some fantastically awesome digital format.


Oh these are so rockin I’m not sure how I don’t have some yet! I found these quite a while ago and started making some at work and then work got busy, and now I still have no Photoshop Magnets. Anyone who doesn’t use Photoshop may think this is super lame (ie: Mur) but I think it’s awesome. So in conclusion, I am making space on our fridge for Photoshop magnets – because every fridge deserves some.


I think this is so cute! It is a little mobile and would be awesome anywhere in a home. And the photo is pretty which is always a plus in my book. Follow the link to the etsy page of leptitpapillon who makes these lovelies. There are lots of different types and I think every abode should have one. And they make me want to buy more felt.



Just more ideas of really awesome coffee cozies… or anything cozies. I think I like the apple one the best. The top middle one looks quite a lot like an egg plant and if that is true, then I change my mind and the top middle one is my favorite.

photo clip


Seeing really neat photos of Polaroids makes me wish we still had our old Polaroid camera with film in it. I came across a few yesterday from, um, 1993, which are pretty rockin. Jess circa 1993 is a sight to see, let me tell you. But I think this string of photos thingy would be really neat to do on a wall somewhere in my apartment. You can easily swap out the photos and I love the colored clips and the simplicity of it.

how is this done {credit}

This guy is one of my favorite blogs to keep up on. His name is Matt Nicolosi and he is goooood at photography. With my crazy busy job, I haven’t had as much time to read things as I would like, but this photo stuck out to me last fall. The concept and practice of making huge things look absolutely tiny with your choice of focus is really awesome to me. I think it needs to be done in doses or else all the things you shoot will look totally doll-house-y, BUT it’s awesome. And honestly, doll-house-y photos sounds like a killer concept project. Hmm, I might be on to something.

garage-sale-toys_300 {credit}

I heart garage sale season. That is really all I have to say about this. It is fantastic and I can’t wait for it to be in full swing.

Well – if it’s sunny where you are, I hope you can enjoy the day. I plan to… after doing my taxes. Ish.


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