what am i doing?

The other day I was going through my photos on my computer and couldn’t believe all the photos/events that I haven’t put up on my blog. I’m not an avid blogger (as you know) but I do enjoy it when I think to do it. Really, it’s that I like to see my photos on the internet – it makes me feel special.

In the last month or so I have had just about zero free time. Murray says I plan too many things into my free time and that would explain why I don’t have any of said free time. I say that’s silly. Regardless of where my free time goes, my little projects seem to suffer the most. I think what I REALLY need is to pursue my budding career in professional scrapbooking or professional blog surfing.

While I work on the details of that career move, take a look at some of my recent ventures…

1. Decorating the apartment (July ‘09 – April ‘10):


Yeah – this one isn’t so recent, but since we don’t seem to have many visitors here, most of you haven’t seen these gracing our living room.

A while back, I bought some fabric at the fabric store then had Mur buy some wood at the wood store (insert staple gun and my aunt’s expertise) and VOILA! I have my living room wall decoration.


I even made matching pillows for the couch and chairs around the room. And I am realizing now I should have put the couch back together before taking this photo to post to my internet audience. Oh well – please don’t judge.


One of the best things about moving and decorating an entire apartment has been going through my dad’s storage room in the basement to find all kinds of neat odds and ends. I’m sure he’s thrilled for me to take the crap, and I’m thrilled to have stuff like this owl. Who can live without this?

2. Eating (ha – always):


I just really love Artichoke hearts. A lot. I have several shots of food including apple pancakes. The previously discussed Super Bowl feast and even more beer photos. All in good time, my friends.

3. Shopping + Trader Joe’s Coffee (December ‘09 – April ‘10):

IMG_2415Yum!! My favorite (perhaps because of the package) is the Tarrazu variety. It just screams “let’s go on Vacation!”

4. Taking Random Photos (another answer of … always):


St. Patrick’s day means Guinness. And a neat photo op with my moose. Random? Yes. But nifty shot to have in my arsenal? Also Yes!

5. Easter in Iowa (April ‘10):


so cute! … And in case you cant read his shirt, it says “Future Mr Right” … down right adorable! Baby-eating-steak photos to come 🙂

6. Tupelo Mississippi (April ‘10):

Birth place of Elvis, don’t-cha-know.


I went there for work. And the work part didn’t take a ton of my time so I went out and discovered what there is to discover in Tupelo MS … and I was back to the hotel by dinner.

7. Iowa City … fun, friends, food and weddings (also – April ‘10)


This one’s big because it’s awesome. Black and Gold tulips … what will that city come up with next?!


This, dog lovers, is Charlie. He is Rene and Jeremy’s little guy. What a bundle of energy! I’m not really sure he gets tired. Walks, runs and playing does not equal time to slow down. Nope – it means “let’s do more!!” But it was so great to stay with those guys. Thanks a bunch!

And then … there was THE wedding.

Wait, I didn’t know Chocolate Moose Images shot weddings! What’s up?

Good catch! Weddings still aren’t my focus but I’m trying it on. Why not experience it all? I still prefer to shoot pets … Oh, but not like that.

Last weekend I had the privilege of shooting with a great duo out of North Liberty Iowa – Drescher Photo and Design. They are a suuuuper cute husband and wife team that just ooze the professional know how of the wedding photography biz and above all a desire to wow their clients! I am going to be doing some more work with them later in the year, but for now, here are just 2 pretty photos from the wedding. I’m working on tons more – saving the best for last.



   Yeah!! Thanks James and Missy. You guys were so great!

8. Mrs. Roux (always always always):


Nuff said. She’s too cute for words.


That is a crazy fast overview of the fun photos I found from the last few months. Happy Saturday – off to eat some delicious smoked ribs. It’s hard to complain when Mur get’s grilling stuff because I benefit. Shouldn’t he feel the same about camera gear?


~ by chocolatemooseimages on May 1, 2010.

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  1. So glad to see some of the pics you have found!

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