the fortune to have kittens

As I showed last weekend, I now am the proud mama of some cute little 12 week (now 13) week old kittens.

Let me start with, they are adorable!


They truly are best friends and spend just about all their time together. It all started last weekend. I heard through the grapevine there was a woman who had some kitties that she was looking to find homes for. I gave her a call and a lovely woman named Cindy answered and immediately was gushing about the girls. She described their demeanor and their love for each other and all sorts of other great details that made me fall in love with them right there.

We met up the next day to test things out and meet each other, and they were each so great, it was hard to make a decision! I tried to get my dad and my aunt to take the last little one, but no cigar. I made my decision based off of looks and personality. I wanted one that would be a for sure cuddler – sounded like Digi would fit that role. And then the other one just had to at least be cute {not to tricky, since they are kitties after all} and the personality could follow – Tarrazu talked to her toys {ha!} Once I made my decision, Cindy surprised me with such a sweet gift! She had gotten a care package pulled together for me to take with the girls – she gave me a litter box, food, toys and even a fleece blanket that would make them feel more comfortable in the transition. I was so excited and surprised by how fantastic this woman was {who I consider to be my kitty fairy} in her generosity with the girls – she clearly just wanted them to go to a good home. Thank you, Cindy!!

Once we got them back to C&Gs I set them up in the sun room. They were a little nervous at first …

IMG_3119 IMG_3147












And the fact that Roux was so anxious to meet the new fluff balls wasn’t helping the situation. They weren’t as confident as we were that that 75 pounds of love and excitement wasn’t going to do bad things. But what was great, was that even over the day or so that we were there, I could tell they were already relaxing a bit and warming up to me. It was so lovely!!


Tarrazu (above) got a lot more comfortable at C&Gs. She was much more interested in checking things out, playing in the plants, snarling with the fuzzy mice, spying on the dog and trying to get outside than Digi was (below). Dig was more skittish but more relaxed at the same time – she just wanted to wander a bit and then snooze.


The huge camera in their face on day one might not have eased their hesitations, but hey – i gotta get them used to it early!

We then made the trek home. Once here, they started checking the apartment out from all angles. And then, the fun began – they got WILD! They were running between the chairs, to the rug, to the bedroom, to the couch, to the chairs, to the window sills, under the wine rack, to the couch, to the bed, into the laundry basket – take a momentary pause to locate their sister – to the chairs, to the rug, to the bed, the window. And crash.


They really love the window sills at sunset! One thing that is still alluding me is where they are sleeping at night (or when we leave). I did discover one of those sneaky spots this morning – inside the bottom of the couch. Not on the couch. Not under the couch. But in a hole in the lining at the bottom of the couch. Why not.

And a few people have asked about their names. The name Digi is courtesy of Carol. Digi has 6 toes on each paw, so I wanted to name her something to do with that. Digi (as in Digit) just has a fun ring to it! Once we had that one settled, it was a bit harder to name the other. We thought a food/drink related name would be fun; maybe Stout or Porter or Surly or … something else beer related? Mur and I went to the kitchen to get inspiration. One of the first things I saw was our coffee table and she sorta has some coloring of coffee – dark grey, caramel brown and milky white. What about Cafe or Mocha or Java or … our favorite coffee from TJs?  Tarrazu! It was settled – the girls would be called Digi and Tarrazu.

Overall, the kitties are great. I’m so excited to have them to cuddle with, play with and for them to entertain me with their funny antics. Their wrestling is so adorable, it’s hard to not laugh out loud. I think it’s safe to assume they will grace the stage of this blog quite frequently! Join me in watching these fluffy little sisters grow into fluffy big sisters 🙂


And Cindy, if you happen to read this, please send me an email! I’d love to send you some photos of the girls!

~ by chocolatemooseimages on June 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “the fortune to have kittens”

  1. Those girls are just soooo darn cute!
    I’m looking forward to watching them grow up in front of your lens.

  2. congratulations! new kitties are so exciting, thanks for sharing! enjoy:)

  3. Awesome photos! I especially love the ones of them together!

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