tunnel kitty!

I seriously learn something new each day with these girls. The latest discovery? They like to eat hair. I have my hair pulled up the majority of the time but after showers or first thing in the morning, they have taken to seeking out my head to be able to play with and eat my hair. Then they get a stern ‘no’ and their claws and teeth are removed from my head.

Another thing I learned real recently is how much they love boxes and bags – preferably when they are combined. I needed to change their litter box because 2 little kitties in 1 little box don’t mesh well. I went downstairs, grabbed the box, placed the box liner in it and set it on the floor. I then went to get the tub of litter and I returned to this…












Goodness, they loved it!! I finally had to take them out of there and lock them out of the bathroom to change their box.

So because of this, we thought we had a perfect idea … lets find them another box and they will have a great time playing in it! True – they did love the box, but it wasn’t as exciting as the big plastic one. So we made some changes to it: we chopped off the longer flaps of the box and “shredded” one of the other flaps to give them something extra to play with. And the bigger flaps? Mur turned one into a kitty tunnel…


At first they were not so sure about it … Do we eat it? Do we smell it? Should we sit on it? Should we roll it? Or … should we climb through it?


Needless to say, this was how we spent a good chunk of our Sunday morning – playing with the tunnel kitties.

~ by chocolatemooseimages on June 9, 2010.

One Response to “tunnel kitty!”

  1. LOVE your babies!!!! Makes me want another kitty. But I’d have to find a new husband and I dont want to do that so I will enjoy the two I have! How fun that they love each other too. Mine dont-but that’s because Rosie thinks she’s boss.
    If you’re ever back in Iowa City-I want some pictures taken by you of my fur babies!!

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