I was raised in a house of the Beatles and creative thinking. My mom was a teacher and a painter and my dad is a photographer and a wicked chef. I fall somewhere in between. I love taking pictures, organizing anything and everything, traveling where ever I possibly can, playing with all sorts of fuzzy and furry creatures, learning as much as I can, eating fabulous food and honing my knowledge of beer. My love for art and almost all things crafty helps me to bring a creative spin to this field filled with many. 

Photography has been a part of my life since I can remember, but not always by my hand. With my dad taking pictures for a living, and my mom having just one little tyke to play with, I was in the spot light most of my childhood! I think because of that, when I got older, I was eager to turn the camera away from me and onto different subjects.

Because I love taking photos of so many different topics and things, I find it hard to pin-point an exact niche that I fall into. Of late, I have loved working with animals, bright colors, all kinds of texture, nature and architecture.  To me, the best images are the ones captured in between what is expected. The wild giggle, the funny face, the fiery sunset, the grain in the wind and the secret emotions. Those are the best details in life, so why not remember them!  I believe in remembering everything, loving every minute of life and gorging on cheese and red wine whenever the opportunity arises.

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